Safety Policy Statement

Date 16/09/2013

Envirostruct Services is proud of its commitment to the development and provision of excellent products and services to its customers. Envirostruct Services has successfully provided and will continue to provide high levels of customer satisfaction in a safe and professional manner. As leaders Envirostruct Services confirms our continued commitment to creative design, provision and delivery of high quality products and services to maintain customer satisfaction.

Part of that commitment and success is a commitment to SAFETY for our business and our employees through compliance with Work Health and Safety legislation and implementation of an effective OHSMS. Our Occupational Health & Safety Management System will be a key tool in managing OH & S risks by implementing, assessing, analysing and constantly improving and maintaining a healthy workplace. Measureable targets have been set with an objective of Zero Lost Time Injuries.

The tangible benefits, this provides our business, include but are not limited to excellent service, but also an efficient and conscientious professional staff providing an exceptional range of products and services to our clients and customers.

As a leader in our industry we will through our expertise and knowledge gained provide our clients and customers with the high levels of quality that our customers and clients require.

Every member of our team is charged with the responsibility of safely fulfilling their daily work objectives as an integral part of our SAFETY system. We urge each of our team to embrace this with the passion that we have for this significant aspect of our business and strive to constantly improve and find safer and healthier ways of growing our business.

Management is committed to providing a safe workplace. In order to achieve this, the relevant legislative responsibilities have and will be identified and understood, responsibilities for the implementation are delegated, and we will utilise the appropriate resources including ongoing training to achieve best practice in this regard. Equally all employees have a responsibility for their own safety, the safety of their work colleagues and to work safely, using the training, resources and equipment provided supporting a SAFEWORK environment.

This requires a dedicated and disciplined approach to SAFEWORK by everyone so that all our employees, visitors and suppliers will be provided with a safe work environment.


John O’Leary. Managing Director


Envirostruct has a strong focus on safety and has a first class system that is based upon AS/NZS 4801:2001. As a part of our work processes we develop Safety Management Plans specific to the works defined in our projects. This is carried out using AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management – Guidelines and Principles. The Risk Rating Matrix System is used across all facets of our business in dealing with Risk Management and Mitigation.

During the Pre Start Development process staff that will be involved our projects are selected and will be involved in the consultation and co-ordination process. This process is a key component in the development of Safety Management Plans and also the Safe Work Method Statements that are developed for each project. A training needs matrix is created to identify skills gaps should they exist, in instances where this is evident further training is provided or skill sets that are required will be sourced externally. In instances where we use subcontractors they are subjected to our thorough and exhaustive selection process to ensure their standards meet with our requirements.

The operation of our vessels are governed by ship safety management systems which are compliant with the National Standard of Commercial Vehicles 2013, each barges stability book is a key component. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority set the legislative guidelines and policy and this is then administered through Maritime Safety Queensland.

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