Hydraulic Structures

The team at Envirostruct are experienced in bulk earthworks, waterways management and concrete construction and have designed and constructed numerous smaller hydraulic structures over the years

  • Weirs
  • Dam Walls
  • Locks
  • Boat Ramps

Envirostruct Services recently completed a series of tidal weirs on land owned by the Brisbane Airport Corporation at the newly developed Golf Central golf course. Construction involved the draining of the main water channel and diversion of the main water course and construction of earthen bunds to allow the construction of the main Weir. Water flow management was a critical element to the jobs success as the area was sensitive to flooding and the weir intersected at a point were fresh water met sea water, bulk earthworks and concrete works comprised the major structural components of the job. Geotechnical fabrics and rip rap revetment rock were used to protect the earthen bund structure.