Site & Pad Construction

Preparing your block of land for construction can be a difficult task. By recruiting Envirostruct to do the excavation of your block not only will you have a solid foundation for your slab to be poured onto you can do this knowing that you are utilising all the usable area of your land through the construction of structural and space maximising retaining walls. Envirostruct can design or work with your construction professionals to deliver the highest and best use for your block of land. We can take your site from its existing state to a point where you can start construction containing the risks associated with ground work. After construction we can provide you with a full landscape service if required.

  • Excavation and pad construction
  • Trenching for access to services
  • Footings and screw piers
  • Slab construction if required
  • Retaining wall construction
  • Swimming pool excavation and construction
  • Landscape design/construction and maintenance
  • Engineers certification