Build Process

Concept Plan 1At Envirostruct we believe in the construction and redesign of your landscapes being an experience and not a headache! We have systems in place to ensure that the construction of your landscapes is free from drama, leaving you with a landscape enjoyed by all.

Outlined below is the build process implemented by Envirosturct to create landscapes that will last a lifetime.

1. Design Completion

Each of our landscape projects are designed by our innovative in-house design team. Involved in this design process are our dynamic team of landscape designers, builders, landscapers and site managers to ensure the design is both inventive and functional.
The landscape design and documentation of each project are detailed, precise and easy to comprehend, enabling our construction team to implement the design according to the vision of the design and most importantly the expectation of our clients.

2. Site Meeting

Following the completion of the design a site meeting is arranged with our designer, the site manager and our clients. The plan of attack is outlined, the construction process is explained and a final check of the site is undertaken. This meeting ensures the seamless transition from design to construction.

3. Site Preparation

Works will begin with the removal of specified vegetation, a site clean-up and the shaping of the landscape as specified in the design. Any drainage work that needs to be performed will also be undertaken at this time.

4. Pool

Following the site preparation, while we have the machinery on site, we will begin the dig for the pool or water feature shell. All of this work is performed by our own machinery and is done in-house. This ensures the costs are kept down for you and that there is no communication break down between contractors.

5. Hard Landscaping

Following the site preparation and pool install the walls and framework of the landscape are put in place. Retaining walls are installed, Outdoor Kitchens, Pergolas, Concreting, Pathways and finally Fencing.

6. Soft Landscaping

After the framework of the landscape has taken form the soil is imported and the soft landscaping begins. Plants are installed, irrigation systems are put in place, garden lighting is set up, mulch, garden features, garden furniture and finally the carpet, the turf, is laid down.

7. Handover

At the end of the project we arrange a final meeting to celebrate the completion of your landscapes.
Throughout this project our management team work together to ensure that the build process meets timeframes, budgets, that material quality is of high standards and most importantly that clear communication is maintained with our design team and clients during the entire process.