Tuffcrete Timber Look Sleepers

Tuffcrete Timer Look Sleepers combine the timeless look of olden style railway sleepers with the durability of concrete.

Ideal for all landscaping requirements, our products have been used to create Retaining walls, Pathways, Steps and a wide variety of other feature areas.

Why Tuffcrete Timer Look Sleepers?

  • Easy to install, no bolting or fastening required
  • No more white ants, moisture damage or timber rot
  • All of our sleepers come standard with steel mesh reinforcement.

Product Features…

  • Visual Appeal – will blend in with any commercial or residential landscape project.
  • Durability – long lasting, concrete construction
  • Save money on maintenance with no more white ants, moisture damage, warping or timber rot
  • All of our sleepers come with steel mesh reinforcement as standard


Made from concrete but with the look of old style logs this high-quality landscaping product provides the ideal solution for your project.

Maintain that natural and rustic look in your yard without the problems of termites, wood rot or regular maintenance.

To see how our products have been used in projects please see our Gallery.

Product Summary Table

PRODUCT SIZE(Length x Face Height x Thickness) WEIGHT*(each)
W1050 – Sleeper 1050mm x 200mm x 60mm 27kg
W2100 – Sleeper 2100mm x 200mm x 60mm 55kg
P600 – Post 600mm x 200mm x 80mm 20kg
P800 – Post 800mm x 200mm x 80mm 28kg
P1200 – Post 1200mm x 200mm x 80mm 40kg
P1600 – Post 1600mm x 200mm x 80mm 55kg
P2100 – Post 2100mm x 200mm x 100mm 100kg

Please note that the weights included are approximate.

We highly recommend that you engage your own engineer and to check with your local council regarding any regulations that may apply to your project.


Our Tuffcrete Timer Look Sleepers are manufactured in Australia and we proudly support locally owned business. This page contains answers to questions that we are commonly asked.

How long will the Concrete Sleeper last?

Tuffcrete Timer Look Sleepers can last a lifetime. They are fireproof, will not split, warp, flake or rot and are white ant/termite resistant. They are virtually maintenance free and are most likely will never need to be replaced.

How difficult is installation?

Tuffcrete Timer Look Sleepers are relatively straight forward to install. They require no bolts or other fasteners.

Can I install a retaining wall myself?

Yes you can do it yourself, there are a number of commercially produced guides that can assist with instructions on how to do this.

We do recommend that you engage the services of an engineer and check with your local council for any landscaping/retaining wall requirements and approvals.

We manufacture in accordance with engineering specifications for the product, however cannot give you any warranty on the suitability of the product for your particular job.

Do you install the product?

Yes we can install the product . At Envirostruct services our business is manufacturing high quality product. This attention to detail also transfers to the installation and we are proud to now offer this service.

Do you provide guides on how to install the product?

No, we do not provide guides or installation manuals for our product. This is because each use is different. We highly recommend that you engage your own engineer.

It is also highly recommended that you contact your local council to check for any regulations that may apply to your project.

What colours can I get?

Our standard products are produced in ‘Charcoal Black’.

For larger orders we can tailor make to the colour of choice. This is subject to a minimum order quantity, oxide availability and we will need at least eight weeks notice to allow for the necessary curing. For further information on special ordering please contact us.

What about painting?

Tuffcrete Timer Look Sleepers are manufactured with the oxide colouring included as part of the concrete batching process. This means that the colour is right through the concrete – not just painted on the surface.

This guarantees a stronger and longer lasting finish that won’t fade in the sun.

We have many clients who leave the sleeper in this colour however you can bring out the colour further by choosing to paint the sleeper with a concrete sealant that will lock in that ‘wet look’.

What sizes do your products come in?

See product table further up on the page.