Concrete walls

Concrete revetment walls are a common type of revetment wall and there are various forms depending on engineering requirements and natural footing suitability. Mass poured concrete revetment walls are constructed as one continual solid structure with a cantilevered footing. Concrete panel revetment walls have a different footing system using bored and concreted in piers / posts from which the panels can slide into or be fixed dependant on the type of posts, steel UB beams or concrete posts. A mass poured concrete wall or a concrete panel revetment wall will perform the same the function, it’s the depth of solid ground that will usually determine which system is used. At Envirostruct we can provide either system as we mass produce concrete panels and regularly construct mass poured concrete walls, if access is an issue all of the works can be constructed from our barges. Concrete walls can be left plain, painted or cladded in stacker stone depending on what sort of finish our clients desire. Envirostruct recently completed a mass poured concrete revetment wall at a contaminated riverfront site in Bulimba Brisbane for Cardno Engineering.