Rip Rap Bank Armour

Rip Rap is a common term for smaller protective rock used in marine applications. Rip rap is used extensively in canals and rivers to protect waterfront edges from the forces of currents which eventually erode and undermine canal and river retaining walls causing expensive waterfront damage. Rip Rap protective works are an essential part of any waterfront maintenance program and ensure that valuable waterfront land is protected from erosion and flood impact.

Enviro II performs a large amount of Rip Rap protective works for the Gold Coast City Council at the mouth of canals where currents are usually at their strongest, Enviro II’s ability to transport up to 60 tonnes of Rip Rap material in one go, directly on her deck, through tight canals, under low bridges and shallow waters makes her the most economical and capable barge in South East Queensland for this sort of work.

Enviro I is ideal for smaller patch up and re-profiling jobs.

Envirostruct has placed hundreds of thousands of tonnes of rip rap throughout the Brisbane River and Gold Coast Canal systems over the years for both the private and commercial sectors.

Envirostruct can supply, deliver and place rip rap very economically through the use of our barges and semi – tippers which are specifically set up for delivering large and small quantities quickly and our buying power with the local quarries.

We can also handle the Engineering Design and Operational Works Permit for you simplifying the whole process.