Rock Armour

Rock Armour is larger size material than Rip Rap / Mattress rock and typicaly ranges in size from 400mm to 1500mm plus, depending on the jobs specific requirements and is used in specialist river defence or sea defence applications. Rock armour is often used to protect the base of seawalls, longitudinal defence similar to Rip Rap applications or hydraulic structures such as Groynes and Breakwaters. The rock used will typically be a hard igneous rock that is exceedingly resistant to erosion.  When the rocks are placed on a high wave impact beachfront they are arranged so that large void spaces are left. When the waves hit the rock they are only partially reflected and can flow around the rocks, expending their energy less quickly which reduces scour. Another advantage of using rock is that if the rocks are moved during heavy storms it is a simple procedure to replace them in the correct position. Our 100 tonne Barge Sirena was utilised in the reconstruction of the Redcliffe Breakwater in late 2014 for the Moreton Bay Regional Council.