Environmental Policy Statement

Date 16/09/2013

As a forward thinking business, we accept it as our responsibility; to make every reasonable effort to reduce any harmful effects that our operations may have on the local and global environment.

We will measure our impact on the environment and set practical targets for ongoing achievement.

We are committed to complying with the relevant environmental legislation.

We will source and promote a range of products to our clients that minimise the environmental impact of our services.

Our personnel will be trained on the importance of raising awareness of environmental issues and engage their support to improve our performance and achieve our targets.

Environmental Duty Of Care

As a progressive and innovative business, we are committed to caring for the environment and are committed to provide the following:

  • A workplace with safe work practices and methods that are environmentally responsible and sustainable.
  • Adherence to Environmental Protection Acts and Regulations, associated with National, State and local authorities as well as development applications, consent conditions and any additional customer work and contractual requirements associated with the environment will be strictly adhered to.
  • Setting environmental strategies for the areas that could have any kind of environmental impact.
  • Ensure the activities within our scope of work do not impact outside the controlled areas. All equipment tools and machinery will be maintained and safe for the environment.
  • Minimise the emission of polluted runoff, dust and noise from our work activities, including equipment, through sound management practices and regular maintenance, servicing of equipment.
  • Develop and implement processes that will identify environmental hazards, risk assessments and control environmental impacts.
  • A process for consultation and communication with all stakeholders. Our aim is to keep all personnel involved with our work, informed and involved in decisions that may affect the Environment Management Plan.
  • Providing information, training and supervision to all personnel involved in the implementation of the Environmental Management Plan.
  • Promptly responding to any environmental emergency which could affect or negatively impact on the environment.
  • Identify Ecologically Sustainable supply chains as manufacturers.

Development of Environmental Policies, Procedures and Controls:

Responsibilities for Environmental Obligations
During the tendering and pricing process risk assessments will be conducted on the environmental impact of the works. Environmental responsibilities will be delegated to managers within the business.

Plan to maintain environmental controls associated with projects
Environmental control measures on our activities require identifying activities associated in our workplace and the impact they have on the environment. The use of our Environmental Procedures will control the risks and environmental impacts of our work activities.

Consultation and Communication
All personnel will be provided with the opportunity for input through consultation. Regular Project Meetings and Site Meetings are held, and personnel are encouraged to be involved and contribute by raising environmental issues. We welcome feedback that gives value to improving our procedures.

Develop Procedures
Our procedures have been developed on known past environmental responsibilities and actions. The system is focused on continual improvement and as such the procedures will be reviewed and amended where and when these needs are identified.

Training is a key part of the process with new employees inducted into our Environmental Management System. They are responsible in adhering to the Policies and Procedures. Existing employees and subcontractors will be provided with regular guidance and training to ensure they are fully aware of their obligations.

Auditing monitoring and reviews:
Regular monitoring and auditing will be carried out to ensure compliance to our Policies and Procedures. This information will be drawn up into our Management Review Procedure.

Our intention is to prevent problems from arising and promote continuous improvement towards best practice in environmental management.


John O’Leary. Managing Director


Envirostruct has a strong focus on providing services and client focused outcomes that are environmentally responsible and reduce our environmental footprint and operates under the guidelines of ISO 1400:2004 Environmental Management.

Our team that manage our Quality, Environment and Safety Management work and manage projects in a varied and diverse range of environments, including cultural and indigenous communities in Nth Qld, PQC 6 with Public Works Dept, Wharf development and construction, rail infrastructure, mining and civil construction.

Project specific Environmental Management Plans are developed for projects with environmental sensitivities that meet our extensive and exhaustive requirements coupled with our clients set criteria. These EMP’s will be submitted for approval before the works are undertaken after being audited internally. For each job we undertake, specific Quality, Environmental and Safety Plans are developed and tailored to the specific needs of the project.

In developing the Environmental Project Management Plan, the Principal Contractor and their Superintendant will be consulted to jointly flesh out potential Hazards and Risks to ensure that all are identified and dealt with in the Plan. Strategies that are developed will be provided to the Principles Superintendant to ensure open dialogue is maintained before the project commences and during the construction process.

During this process, skills, competencies and training requirements will be identified, if shortfalls exist, suitable skills training will be provided or sourced externally.

Marine Construction

Strategies will be developed that work on prevention using vigorous plant checks and maintenance routines before and during the construction process. In conjunction/consultation with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and Maritime Safety, strategies will be developed to contain any spills or waste that may occur during the works. Staff will be appropriately trained in prevention strategies and remedial strategies before work commences.

Contaminated Sites

When work is to be undertaken on a site that we are aware is classified as contaminated, is known to have contaminated soils and materials from previous use or is identified once work has begun our Management of Contaminated Sites Procedure will be implemented to address those or any works taking place on that site. Contaminated material could include soils, water, dust, vapour or odours contaminated with petroleum compounds, metals, asbestos, organic compounds such as pesticides and herbicides and other contaminants.

Envirostruct EMP development criteria and strategy guidelines

Envirostruct Management of Contaminated Sites Procedure