Envirostruct is a fully licenced contractor with tremendous experience in all types of waterfront construction, shoreline remedial works, pontoon and jetty construction.

Over 20 years Envirostruct has constructed thousands of successful projects, we can offer our clients numerous alternatives and combinations to ensure that the best possible outcome for your project is achieved.

Our company has an impeccable structural record and is the preferred choice for many structural engineers when repair work is required. References are available from structural engineers as requested.

Construction access to your waterfront project is no longer an issue with our fleet of work boats, barges, machinery and equipment.

Our barges and equipment are extremely capable and cost effective and are utilised by the Gold Coast City Council under the Gold Coast City Council Barge Services Contract.

Envirostruct has installed numerous Sea Walls, River Walls and Canal Walls across Brisbane and the Gold Coast over the years often replacing dilapidated structures or reconstructing flood damaged river fronts. This sort of work becomes difficult when work has to be co-ordinated around daily tidal changes. Clients often are pleasantly surprised when they realise how much valuable waterfront they have regained once construction is completed.

Approvals and Certification

Envirostruct specialise in liaising with engineers, certifiers, councils and state government bodies to obtain all necessary approvals and certificates. We can prepare design drawings and lodge applications to assist with

Building and construction permits

Relaxation permits

Building over services permits

Tidal, waterways and estuarine permits

Steep and Difficult Sites and Access

Clients have consistently engaged Envirostruct over the years to successfully solve difficult design and construction issues and deliver the solution In a practical, cost effective and timely fashion.

Envirostruct site personnel are very experienced in working under difficult circumstances ie sloping sites, confined areas and constrained access.

Our machinery and equipment is set up for these sorts of situations, our marine capabilities allow us to construct your project from the water if needed.

At Envirostruct we enjoy the challenge of difficult work from the initial design and approval process through to practical completion.

Building over Services

Often the alignment of your retaining wall may coincide with the path of existing services such as sewer or stormwater. Envirostruct has the experience to successfully negotiate with local council so that you can build over a sewer line that may pass through your property. The need to build over services is a common problem that we have overcome time and time again.