Barge Hire, Construction & Logistical Services

Envirostruct has four barges and a fleet of trucks, earthmoving machinery, cranes and construction equipment which can cover the vast majority of marine logistical requirements. Our barges can operate in all locations,  Enviro II and Enviro I are road transportable. Envirostruct’s barges currently perform a lot of work for the Gold Coast City Council moving construction materials and performing construction work in and around Islands on the Gold Coast. Enviro II is ocean going and can operate 15 nautical miles off the Coast Line and recently completed an ocean voyage outside sheltered waters to Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast and acted as a fireworks platform for New Years Eve 2014.

Our staff have considerable marine and construction experience and like to help out as much as possible with all forms of construction work, our clients often find that this comes in very handy.

Sirenia is ideal for house moves, crane based construction work or general transportation up to 100 tonnes and typically services Moreton Bay and Stradbroke Island for the Gold Coast City Council.

Enviro II can place heavy construction materials up to 60 tonnes straight onto her deck saving the extra added expense of tip truck hire across a voyage, Enviro II is highly manoeuvrable and can negotiate tight canals, low bridges and shallow waters. She is road transportable and operates Australia wide. Enviro II is utilised by the Gold Coast City Council to perform heavy construction works within the Gold Coast Canal System and surrounding Islands. Envio II is one of the world’s only road transportable, ocean going self-propelled construction barges.

Megs is ideal for general marine transport and light construction works in around Brisbane and Moreton Bay.

Enviro I is a very handy construction barge with on-board crane and can negotiate the tightest of situations, she is ideal for shallow water works, piling for boardwalks, jetty construction and repair jobs. Enviro I is our most cost effective option for smaller jobs and her skipper is also a very experienced hands on construction professional and machinery operator who can be of great assistance with your job.

Dumb Barges, our unpowered Dumb Barges are great little economical construction platforms ideal for situations were limited marine travel is required and in most circumstances can be pushed around by a small boat. Dumb Barges are a popular economical option for long-term static marine works