Quality Policy Statement

Date 16/09/2013

As an innovative market leader, Envirostruct Services maintains a proud tradition of delivering top quality products and customer service in all aspects of our business operations. The satisfaction of not just our customers – both internal and external – but also our partners in our chosen markets is paramount to our ongoing success. To that end, we ensure that our team is focused, motivated and well trained in the implementation of and adherence to effective management techniques and practices, policies and procedures.

We are committed to the ongoing development of our staff in terms of their personal growth, their performance for the success of Envirostruct Services and also for their own continued safety and wellbeing in the workplace.

Our ultimate objective is to maintain our leadership position by offering quality service and value while working towards greater market share. Carefully developed Quality Management processes assist in building a company culture that promotes internal loyalty and stability and in turn, filters through to the way our partners and customers view us and engage with us.

John O’Leary. Managing Director

Envirostruct operates under a Quality Management System designed to meet the International Standard ISO 9001:2008. We can successfully meet clients Quality Control and Verification requirements as stipulated within their Specification Documents. In the tendering process we utilise QA 4 – 1025 Contract Review Procedure, once work has been approved and our bid accepted in consultation with the Principal we utilise QA 6 -2029 Process Mapping Procedure to identify the methodology by which to complete the project. During this process we would define the Quality Reporting procedures and determine the frequency, the required reporting channels and structure to provide regular information to and through the project to completion/handover.

Quality is audited every three months on an internal basis and Site Audits are undertaken every 6 weeks, Process Verification Audits are undertaken weekly. In the initial stages of consultation with the Principal Inspection and Test Plans will be set up, and these become part of the Process Verification Audit.