Boulder Retaining Walls

Envirostruct provide a complete engineer designed and certified rock wall retaining wall construction service to residential and commercial marine markets, natural rock materials are used in the construction of rock retaining walls some of the more commonly used rocks include

Envirostruct also provide

  • geotechnical information
  • drainage aggregate advice
  • rock characteristics
  • aesthetic information

Boulder retaining walls are often used as a retaining wall in a sloping landscape in order to maximise useable areas they are also suitable in certain marine applications were a solid footing base is present. The rock wall structure needs to be securely constructed to withstand the weight of the soil lying behind it. Boulder rock retaining walls are exceptionally strong and also provide some aesthetically pleasing natural style to any landscape or waterfront. Over time the rock retaining wall will blend in and become part of the natural fabric of your waterfront garden as plants begin to grow over the rocks and natural mosses and lichens appear on the surface of the boulders.