Concrete Sleeper Walls

Envirostruct can make, supply and deliver concrete sleeper wall systems or supply and construct your residential or commercial retaining wall. Our concrete sleepers and posts have a 10 year product guarantee are steel reinforced and provide structural strength and stability on all types of land. Engineer designed and made to Australian Standards our sleepers do not require any bolting or fastening and are a long lasting and durable alternative to timber sleepers.

Timber Look Sleepers

Envirostruct can supply and construct coloured concrete sleepers and timber look sleepers. Timber look sleepers combine the timeless look of timber with the numerous benefits of concrete. Timber look sleepers will maintain the beauty and natural look of your outdoor space, whilst avoiding the common deterioration and termite problems that come along with timber.

Plain and Coloured Concrete Sleepers

Envirostruct can supply and construct plain and concrete sleepers.

Galvanised Steel Posts

Galvanised steel posts can also be used in place of traditional concrete posts and offer the following advantages

  • Structurally superior to concrete posts
  • They are easy to install
  • They take up less space than concrete posts, which makes them great for use for walls on boundary lines
  • The finished wall looks neat and modern
  • Longevity


Envirostruct can provide fencing for your concrete retaining wall fencing can either sit directly on top of the retaining wall, or be offset by 100mm to the back of the wall. Our bracket system is easy to install and suitable for timber or steel fencing.