Enviro II, Road Transportable Construction Barge, 60 Tonne Load Capacity

Envirostruct has designed, constructed and commissioned Enviro II in a record timeframe of 16 weeks Australia’s first ocean going, road transportable, heavy duty construction / landing barge.

Enviro II has a 60 tonne load capacity and materials can be dumped directly on the deck which makes operations very economical.

The vessel can be easily split in two and transported quickly by semi-trailer to any location in Australia.

See the Barge Construction of Envori II


Road Transportable with minimum controls fits on low loader or semi trailer flat bed

  • Rock Landing / Work Barge with ramp 15.7m length x 6m width draft 800mm to 1000mm fully laden 2.7m high from waterline
  • 60 tonne load capacity
  • 1 x Cummins Engine 350 horsepower hydraulic drive with twin props
  • 12 knot cruising speed
  • Crane
  • Drilling / piling rig
  • Generator 8 kva, Air Compressor 175 CFM, Welders
  • Can carry vacuum trucks for environmentally friendly excavations
  • Enviro custom made Mini Pile Driver – Pneumatic
  • Full range of safety equipment,
  • Floating booms to catch sediment and spill kits

Fully certified and compliant operating within Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Northern Rivers Region capable of operating in tight canal systems.

Ocean going or Road Transportable Australia wide, ideal for inland lake systems & mine sites.

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